Today we made French flags from my book “Speak Scruffy! Have a Go!”

We sequenced the flag in the correct order to make it. Sequencing is a life skill and crucial in a child’s development.

We enjoyed mark-making and the responsibility of carrying out the task. We talked about different countries and flags. We concentrated on the task and talked about the shape of a flag. We used a variety of resources such as pens, crayons, straws, card and sellotape.

I had a table full of boys mark-making ❤️?❤️?❤️?

Many of the characteristics of effective learning were evident.

This was a great activity for:

Personal, social and emotional development e.g. seeking out others to share experience and enjoying the responsibility of carrying out the task.

Communication & Language e.g. focussing attention and building up vocabulary Physical development e.g. mark-making Mathematics e.g. using shapes Expressive arts & design e.g. constructing with a purpose in mind.

And much more… Of course, we talked about the book too. Have a look at my stencilling and plate rubbing activity blog for additional learning opportunity information from book chat! This obviously included learning to speak French!

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